Sober living

Psychological Addiction: Meaning, Symptoms, Treatment

Content Understanding Physical Dependence vs. Psychological Dependence At 1st Step Behavioral Health, we strive to make your addiction treatment experience as comfortable as possible. Signs & Traits of a Psychological Dependence on Drugs or Alcohol Co-Occurring Disorders with Psychological Dependence Physical Dependence vs. Psychological Dependence With most drugs and with alcohol, dopamine levels in the […]

Sober living

How to Stop Alcohol Withdrawal Shakes & Reduce Tremors

Content What Are the Side Effects of Buprenorphine & Naloxone? How to Quit Drinking Without Going to Rehab Alcohol Tremors Due to Liver Disease Shaking Hands Sign of Alcoholism Alcohol withdrawal causes excessive tremors, sweating, nausea, confusion, and dehydration. It can also escalate into DTs, serious withdrawal symptoms that can include seizures, paranoia, and hallucinations. […]

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